EC Dental Science

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Articles in Press


Implant Overdenture: Standard of Care for Edentulous Mandible

Amar Bhochhibhoya and Manjeev Guragain. 22(4): 01.


Sting and Aversion-Severe Mosquito Bite Allergy

Anubha Bajaj. 22(4): 01.


How Much Forward Facial Growth Possible?

John Mew. 22(4): 14-15.

Research Article

Study on the Application of VR Technology in the Teaching of Dental Implantology

Cao Yixi, Xia Yian, Yu Xinyuan, Zhang Chunlei and Li Jinghua. 22(4): 16-22.

Research Article

Spatter-Reduction Efficacy of Different Suction Methods in Ultrasonic Scaling Procedure

Niping Wang, Casey J Park, Catherine L Gatewood, Stephen J Stray and Jennifer L Bain. 22(4): 23-32.

Research Article

Systematic Review: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in Dental and Oral Surgery

Magid Nooraldeen Alyamany, Ghalib Hamad Aljedani, Anas Riyadh Hamdoon and Suaad Hassan Alzahrani. 22(4): 47-54.

Research Article

Systematic Review: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in Dental and Oral Surgery

Divesh Byrappagari and Diakonov GA. 22(4): 55-60.


Big C and Seepage-Acinic Cell Carcinoma

Anubha Bajaj. 22(4): 68-72.

Case Report

Verruciform Xanthoma a Diagnostic Dilemma

Sayali Nakhate, Bhakti Patil Soman and Deepa Das. 22(4): 83-88.

Review Article

Nanorobotics - A Sci-Fi Reality in Medicine and Dentistry

Meghana Pendyala, Suryakanth Malgikar, Raja Babu Palaparthy and Jagadish Reddy. 22(4): 89-93.

Mini Review

Presumptive Indicators of Oral Biofilm Formation: A Selective Approach

Rajesh Sawhney and Archit Sawhney. 22(4): 94-96.

Mini Review

Comparison Between Cortical and Conventional Implants: Review

Siddharth Sankar Panigrahy, Shivanand Barik, Nagaveni S Somayaji, Namrata Mishra and Naina Pattnaik. 22(4): 97-102.

Literature Review

Human Herpes Varicella Zoster: An Appraisal, Pathogenesis and Therapy

Louis ZG Touyz, Sarah JJ Touyz and Leonardo M Nassani. 22(3): 118-125.